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Where should I put my design portfolio l?

So, if I need to make a design portfolio, where should I put it? I’m taking the results of a poll that I did recently and talking about where you should put that design portfolio. Do you do Wordpress? Squarespace? Webflow? Let’s talk about how to make a design portfolio.

Seasons in life as a designer

Everyone needs to take a break sometimes. I had planned on splitting this episode out of the original order and rearranging episodes. I decided not to and just talk to y’all from the heat here haha

Value based pricing in a nutshell

Following our last episode, I’m breaking down value based pricing a tiny bit more to help you out.

Pricing your design services

I’m talking about pricing this week to give some ideas on how to better price your services

Content creation and setting goals

Haha here’s a message that’s maybe four months late but about how I feel about creating content and my goals as a designer

How to respond when clients say you don’t have enough experience

When clients tell you that they can’t work with you because of your lack of experience, either in their industry or the type of work, sometimes you’re able to use that lack of experience as an advantage from a fresh perspective.

Getting more design clients

Getting clients is never easy but, hopefully with these tips, you’ll be equipped enough to tackle the challenge of bringing in new business.

The design of your logo doesn’t matter

The context of your design feedback matters. You don’t want to give feedback on a piece if you don’t know the whole picture


Got to chat with a new community member and I want to do a challenge with you!

Asking clients better questions

Often, we find ourselves trying to salvage a job at the end of the production process. What if we were able to iron out the kinks of our design projects before we even started designing? I can't prove that this is bullet proof, but as you build more into your process, you find more about what things work, and what things you might want to improve upon for next time with your client.

Marketing yourself as a designer

Marketing is that topic that gets you added by a bot to all those lists on Twitter, or followed by fake accounts on Instagram, or shunned completely by your friends on Facebook for asking them to try your new (insert thing here). Why do we need to learn marketing, adding to the list of tools in our design career?

The Prologue

This is the prologue, our episode one. A lot of times, there's a podcast that starts where they always bury their first episode. Well, this is our first. And definitely not our last.

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